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 The National Center for Infrastructure Protection and Cybersecurity (CNPIC) is the responsible body for the promotion, coordination and supervision of all politics and activities related to the protection of critical infrastructures and cybersecurity under the watch of the Spanish Ministry of the Interior. The CNPIC is accountable to the Secretary of State of Security, the highest authority responsible for the National System of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Cybersecurity and politics of cybersecurity of the Ministry.

 The CNPIC was created in 2007 by means of the Agreement of the Council of Ministers of November 2. Its competences are regulated by the Law 8/2011 of April 28, by which the measures for critical infrastructure protection (CIP) are established, and by the Royal Decree 704/2011 of May 20, by which the Regulation on critical infrastructure protection was adopted.


 Nivel Alerta

 Threat Warning Level for Critical Infrastructure (NAIC)  

In the picture the scale for Threat Warning for Critical Infrastructure (known in Spanish as NAIC) is depicted from Level 1 (green) being the lowest one to Level 5 (black), the highest threat warning level. Level 2 (yellow) suggests moderate threat warning, Level 3 (orange) indicates medium threat warning while Level 4 (red), which is the current threat warning level, shows a high threat warning level. Level 5(black) corresponds to very high risk.  


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